I'm the hot sauce to your burrito,  the frosting to your cake, the lime to your margarita, and the photographer to your wedding day. 

Unposed. Authentic. Passionate. Fun. Adventurous. Wild. Carefree.

I believe we are all given a purpose in life, and my purpose just happens to be THIS. I help you connect with the reason why you hired me and weave that into your session by telling YOUR story through my lens in an authentic way. Helping you feel comfortable in front of my camera is easy and you'll almost forget we are taking photos. I capture REAL emotions and REAL connections that will be preserved forever on the walls of your home as a constant reminder of WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU. 


Torey makes you feel like you're an old friend. We felt comfortable around her, our guests loved her, and we had so much fun!